Hi there, and welcome to my website, I'm so glad you decided to stop by. On this website I plan to feature pictures from my daily life, travels near and far, and last, but not least, I also plan to write a little bit about the issues that are most important to me.

 I am now a published author of " Visions From Above/ My Journey ~ My Destiny", by Amy Jamison. It is available for sale now @www.balboapress.com; www.amazon.com and www.barnesandnoble.com.

My website is: www.cherieaz.com

 This book is about my near-death experience in 1976 from a collapsed lung, as a result of walking pneumonia. I had an out-of -body trip to Heaven, where I encountered two angels, three spirits of deceased relatives and "Jesus". Since my return, I have had visions of future events of family members before they unfold. This is a true story!

The Pathway to Paradise

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How do we get to heaven and where is it? Where is hell?

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Exploring the human Journey/Near-Death

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Exploring the Human journey


28.11.2022 05:36


Hi there. I loved hearing your story. I have been trying to search for answers about God and Jesus. I have no doubt there is a heaven and hell. All I do now is stress over making it to heaven

21.10.2022 16:51

Suzanne Gabriel

How Cherie,

Saw you on JeffMara podcast, where I believe you mentioned about giving FREE angel card readings. Are you still doing that if so I'd like one. I will also send you a text, Thanks!!

20.10.2022 00:25

Tammy Tyson

How do I receive an angel life path readying?

18.10.2022 22:18

Bozenna Lloyd

I would like to have an Angel and life path reading with you.

18.10.2022 18:05

Wendy Hall

Words can't express how grateful I am to have heard your interview of the JeffMara show. It was so enlightening and helpful to me. I am very interested in meeting you to have a session.

18.10.2022 09:40


I too saw your interview recently and was very interested in your story - I could use some extra angel support but feeling super alone. Please let me know more about how you may be able to help. Ty.

18.10.2022 03:36


Greetings Amy, I enjoyed listening to your experience on JeffMara. Thank you for sharing.

18.10.2022 00:32

Chantal Randel

Thank you for your kind offer of a reading. How do we arrange it?

17.10.2022 19:16


How do I get in touch with you for an Angel reading or life path reading??

17.10.2022 03:48


I loved hearing your encounter. I wonder… did you attend Naropa?

09.09.2020 23:55

Justice Schaefer


26.06.2018 13:10

Cheryl A Todd

I just finished "Visions from Above"; I'll be thinking about it often. So easy to read, especially learning much of your history which I didn't get from our brief time working & corresponding!

18.05.2018 14:01


"Visions from Above" was a very interesting and astounding read! It was so interesting, I read it in it's entirety in one evening. Thank you very much for sharing your insights!

09.07.2017 00:40

Lana Phelps

I appreciate your story. I plan to buy your ebook to learn the rest of your encounters and your later visions. Thank you for being part of my LinkedIn network which led me to your book. Best wishes!

31.05.2017 21:38

Carrie Painter

Your book was wonderful. To be able to write and express those happenings in your life was greatly appreciated as well as people can learn to be in touch with those same feelings to decipher them.

22.03.2017 16:33

demi faraday

Dear Cherie, Thank you so much for writing your book and sharing your amazing experiences and insights! You have a beautiful gift and I look forward to seeing you spread the divine joy and love!!

30.10.2015 16:28

Carrie Shubert

I've been meaning to write a review on your book, Visions From Above. You've had a very interesting journey and not necessarily to the extent of yours, that remind us there's more than what we see.

12.08.2015 23:27

Cherie Lee / Amy Jamison

Are you ready to move forward in your life to a happier more prosperous lifestyle? Need clarity? Call for discounts, limited time!

12.08.2015 23:25

Cherie Lee / Amy Jamison

Welcome! Please feel free to browse my webpages to get to know a little about me, my life coaching and "Visions From Above / My Journey ~ My Destiny" by Amy Jamison, me! Afterlife & future visions.